Making Money From Your Blog (Beginner’s Guide Step 6)

Now that you’ve set up and personalized your blog, you might be curious about how to actually earn money through blogging.

While there are numerous methods to monetize a blog effectively, it’s important to understand that quick wealth schemes don’t exist.

Ignore the flashy images of luxury cars and mansions; they’re not reflective of reality.

In contrast to other “make money online” advice, we’ve put together the most detailed guide on earning income from your blog with WordPress.

This guide spans over 4,000 words and is a must-read for anyone aiming to profit from blogging. It distills more than 15 years of our experience in the online world into one comprehensive resource.

Success comes to those ready to invest serious effort and time into their endeavors. There are no shortcuts to genuine achievement.

Below, we outline some of the most effective strategies for making money from your blog.

1. google AdSense

A common way bloggers generate income is by displaying advertisements on their sites. For those creating a blog with monetization in focus, Google AdSense emerges as the premier option.
As the most extensive ad network for bloggers and publishers, Google AdSense serves as an intermediary between you and advertisers. It enables advertisers to compete for keywords aligned with your content, ensuring you receive optimal rates for the advertisements placed.
For comprehensive guidance on integrating Google AdSense with your WordPress blog, refer to our dedicated article on the subject.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing ranks as the second most popular revenue generation method for bloggers. In essence, you endorse products or services you admire to your audience, and you earn a commission for each purchase made through your referral.
The essence of successful affiliate marketing lies in promoting products and services you genuinely use and believe in.
To aid in your affiliate marketing efforts, numerous WordPress plugins and tools exist that can enhance your promotional activities. PrettyLinks and ThirstyAffiliates come highly recommended for their utility.
Furthermore, we offer a detailed affiliate marketing guide tailored for beginners. It provides comprehensive steps on selecting the ideal affiliate program and strategies to monetize your blog effectively starting today.

3. Online Store

Bloggers often generate income by selling items directly from their blogs, ranging from physical goods to digital downloads such as ebooks, artwork, music, and more. Additionally, some bloggers provide consulting services.
For those interested in selling digital products like eBooks, Easy Digital Downloads comes highly recommended. It’s the very plugin we use, equipped with all the necessary functionalities for selling digital downloads.
For physical product sales, WooCommerce is the go-to choice. It stands as the top eCommerce plugin for WordPress and is the world’s leading eCommerce platform.
For step-by-step guidance, our tutorial on creating an online store with WordPress will walk you through the process.
Alternatively, some bloggers opt out of managing a store by setting up an Amazon affiliate store instead, allowing them to sell products from Amazon and earn commissions.
Beyond these methods, there’s a plethora of ways to monetize your WordPress blog. Whether it’s a review blog, fashion, food blogging with recipes, each niche offers unique monetization opportunities.
Moreover, transforming your blog into a membership site to provide premium content and courses is another viable option. For comprehensive instructions, check out our guide on creating and selling online courses with WordPress.

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