Install WordPress Blogging Software (Beginner’s Guide Step 2)

Install cloudways and get 20% discount for the first month

To learn more head over to the Cloudways website.
You can get started with your own 3 day trial simply by signing up with an email (no credit card required).

By signing up with Bluehost through our link, WordPress will be automatically installed for you, enabling you to begin crafting your blog immediately.

WordPress installation

Just sign into your Bluehost account and click on the “Login to WordPress” button to dive in.

Alternatively, access WordPress directly by navigating to yoursite.com/wp-admin/ from your browser.

If you’re utilizing a WordPress hosting service other than Bluehost, such as SiteGround, Hostinger, WP Engine, etc., our detailed guide on installing WordPress provides step-by-step instructions tailored to these providers.

Many of these hosting companies now offer automatic WordPress installation, facilitating a smoother start for users new to technology.

With WordPress ready, you can proceed to develop your blog pages, personalize your blog’s appearance, and embark on your blogging adventure.

Beginner’s Guide Step

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